We provide clean, great-tasting organic grains, spices, herbs, cereals, oils, and much more at Aahartatva field crop Pvt. Ltd, which people rely on as the cornerstone of their nutritional health. Organic food is, in our opinion, a crucial decision for personal and environmental health.

We have the largest assortment of certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free*, and kosher items. We have achieved consistency in quality and attention to detail, right down to the smallest cut, for many years.

Aahartatva Foods has a product line of over 200+ items. Aahartatva Food's staff works closely with 1000 farmers to help them transition to sustainable organic farming. Following that, all production, processing, and exporting activities are carried out in strict accordance with quality standards and practises. We established a solid, quality-driven basis. A method of precise planning and execution is used to portray this mindset.

It's a built-in thought process that runs from the top of the organisation to the farmer on the ground.

Our Mission

Aahartatva is now focused on organic produce, with a strong emphasis on ethical processing and marketing. We want to raise awareness and offer more chances for sustainable farming and employment, giving our farmers a better future and lowering the cost of healthy food.

Our Vision

Aahartatva is built on the principles of integrity, trust, accountability, and devotion to our clients. We follow professional and moral business ethics. We believe in ethical sourcing and giving back to the environment and farming communities, as well as an unwavering dedication to quality.